HPLC Separation of 1-Methylhistidine and 3-Methylhistidine on Primesep 200


Application Notes: Methylhistidines are polar amino acids with very similar structures. Methylhistidines are methylated derivative of histidine found in actin. N-methylhistidine is released into urine after the breakdown of actin and myosin. Urinary output of N-methylhistidine is a reliable index of the rate of myofibrillar protein breakdown in musculature. The method for separation of 1-methylhistidine and 3-methylhistidine on Primesep 200 column was developed with LC/MS compatible conditions. This method can be used for quantitation of methylhystidines in urine and other biofluids.

Application Columns: Primesep 200
Application compounds: 1-Methylhistidine, 3-Methylhistidine
Detection technique: UV, LC/MS, ELSD/CAD

Application Analytes: