HPLC Separation of Acidic, Basic and Zwitterionic Compounds on Special Columns for Retention of Polar Compounds

Primesep mixed-mode columns are designed to separate basic, acidic, neutral and zwitter-ionic compounds. Elution of these compounds is facilitated by acetonitrile and ions in the mobile phase. In all cases the retention time on mixed-mode columns is significantly longer than on traditional reverse-phase columns. Presence of cation-exchange mechanism in Primesep 100 column allows to achieve better retention and peak shape for analytes like phenylalanine and benzylamine. Various buffers can be used along with different detection techniques. This HPLC method can be adopted as a universal approach for analysis of basic, acidic and zwitter-ionic compounds in complex mixtures and formulations. Compounds can be monitored by UV, ELSD, CAD and LC/MS.

Application Analytes:

Benzoic Acid