HPLC Separation of Captan on Obelisc R and Primesep 100 Columns


Captan is a fungicide that is typically combined with other pesticides. It is in the class of fungicides called phthalimide, and is used on a number of vegetables and ornamental plants. Captan reduces infections on the surface of plant material improving their appearance. The EURL-SRM (European Union Reference Laboratory - Single Residue Methods) included captan in a list of pesticides difficult to analyze by traditional multiresidue methods. We separated and analyzed captan using two mixed-mode columns with different modes of separation. Obelisc R has a long hydrophobic chain and multiple ion-pairing groups, and Primesep 100 contains acidic ion-pairing groups. Method is LC/MS compatible and can be use on many different pesticides.

Application Analytes: