HPLC Separation of Phosphamidon on Mixed-Mode Columns


Phosphamidon is an organophosphate insecticide highly toxic to mammals and classified by the World Health Organization to be extremely hazardous (Ia), with an oral lethal dose of less than 5mg/kg of bodyweight. The EURL (European Union Reference Laboratory) included phosphamidon as a target pesticide for the EUPT-CF9. Primesep 100 and Obelisc R were used to retain phosphamidon and separate it from impurities. Primesep 100 contains embedded acidic ion-pairing groups and Obelisc R contains embedded ionic and hydrophobic groups which can assist in fine tuning separations. Method is LC/MS compatible and can be used as a general approach for analyzing phosphamidon, other organophosphate insecticides, and dozens of other pesticides.

Application Analytes: