HPLC Separation of Sodium, Dioctyl Sulfosuccinic Acid, and Sulfosuccinic Acid

Application Notes: Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate is a common component of consumer products and medications. It is also used as emulsifier, wetting, and dispersing agent.  It is a highly acidic, and hydrophobic compound. It serves as a starting material for dioctyl sodium sulfonate. Both compounds were retained and separated on Primesep B4 mixed-mode reversed-phase anion-exchange column. The primesep B4 column has C4 carbon chain and it is much less hydrophobic than Primesep D or Primesep B2 column. The low hydrophobicity of the stationary phase is strong enough to provide reversed-phase retention for dioctyl sulfosuccinic acid. This method can be used for quantification of these two compounds in reaction mixtures and formulation. The method is LC/MS and ELSD/CAD compatible.

Application Columns: Primesep B4

Application compounds: Sodium, Dioctyl Sulfosuccinic Acid, Sulfosuccinic Acid

Detection technique: LC/MS, ELSD/CAD

Application Analytes:

Sulfosuccinic acid