Separating Triadimefon from Impurities on Primesep and Obelisc HPLC Columns


Triadimefon is known as Bayleton, usually used in a mixture of pesticides including captan, and folpet. A triazole family pesticide, triadimefon is a systemic fungicide that controls the mildew and fungal pests on trees, turf and fruits. It is considered moderately toxic and a method is useful for analyzing triadimefon. Primesep 100 and Obelisc R were the mixed-mode columns used. Primesep 100 separates using reverse-phase and acidic ion-pairing groups. Obelisc R uses  a long hydrophobic chain and multiple ion-pairing groups. Method is LC/MS compatible and can be use for dozens of pesticides.


Application Analytes: