Preparative Columns

SIELC introduces a new type of preparative hardware
This design outperforms all previous hardware styles and offers significant benefits to both the column manufacturer and the column user.
New hardware offers:

1. Price savings; since stainless steel has been significantly replaced by less expensive aluminum, yet still offering only stainless steel contact with chromatography liquids.
2. Good heat dissipation and efficient cooling and heating
3. Lighter weight compared to a stainless steel column of comparable size
4. Stylish and convenient guard system with simple guard replacement
5. Optional, direct guard attachment holder
6. Appealing design
7. Variety of custom aluminum color options
8. Unified cylindrical body, making it convenient to apply virtually any sized labels to even the shortest column
9. Simple and convenient packing attachments
10. After the column is packed, the sliding disconnection of column from packer leaves perfectly cut silica bed.
11. Universal design and style for 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 50 mm id columns
12. Reusable hardware
13. Patent-pending design

250 mm x 50 mm
250 mm x 30 mm
250 mm x 20 mm
250 mm x 10 mm columns

Exploded view of 150 mm column

Exploded view of guard holder with a guard



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