CAS Number 201-469-6
Molecular Formula C12H10
Molecular Weight 154.212 g/mol
LogP 3.9
  • 1,2-Dihydroacenaphthylene
  • 83-32-9
  • 1,8-Ethylenenaphthalene
  • Naphthyleneethylene
  • peri-Ethylenenaphthalene
  • Acenaphthylene, 1,2-dihydro-
  • Ethylenenaphthalene
  • 1,8-Dihydroacenaphthalene
  • CCRIS 5951
  • HSDB 2659
  • NSC 7657
  • EINECS 201-469-6
  • AI3-00128
  • CHEBI:22154
  • MFCD00003807
  • SBB060402
  • DSSTox_CID_1774
  • DSSTox_RID_76319
  • DSSTox_GSID_21774
  • CAS-83-32-9
  • Acenaphthene, 97%
  • Acenaphthene, 99%
  • AC1Q1HAZ
  • V8UT1GAC5Y
  • AC1L1N6P
  • 1,2-Dihydro Acenaphthylene
  • Naphthalene, 1,8-ethylene-


HPLC Separation of Aromatic Compounds (PAH) on Mixed-Mode and Reverse Phase Columns

Aromatic hydrocarbons are hydrophobic compounds which are well retained on any reverse column. Retention time is adjusted by the amount of ACN. Change in buffer concentration or buffer pH does not affect retention time. Method on Obelisc mixed-mode column shows retention and separation of PAHs by reverse phase mechanism. Change of pH is changing conformation and ionization of stationary phase on Obelisc R column, making it more or less hydrophobic. This changes interaction on the column and selectivity of separation. This method can be used for analysis of hydrophobic compounds and isomers by reverse phase mechanism, when fine tuning is required to achieve desired degree of separation.

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HPLC Method for Analysis of Pesticides: Isoproturon, Diuron, Acenaphthene, Carbendazim
Isoproturon is an agricultural herbicide with a tendency to adsorb to soils, which leads to it entering bodies of water. In that water, it is highly toxic for algae and oysters, while long term exposure to the pesticide affects the growth of fish. Diuron is a pre-emergent that is used for non-crop areas as well as with many agricultural crops. It has a low acute toxicity to mammals. It can cause irritation of nose and throat.if inhaled and irritation of eyes if comes in contact with the eyes. Acenaphthene is derived from coal tar and has many used such as dyes, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, fungicides, and plastics. It is harmful if ingested, inhaled or comes in contact with skin, and can cause irritations to skin, eyes, upper respiratory tract, and mucous membranes Carbendazim, also known as mercazole, is a broad-spectrum benzimidazole fungicide. It’s used mostly as a worm control agent in places like tennis courts and golf greens. Sometimes it is also used to control plant diseases in cereals and fruits. Primesep 100, a reverse-phase column, contains embedded acidic ionizable groups and can retain Isoproturon, Diuron, Acenaphthene, and Carbendazim. The method is UV compatible and can be used as a general approach for analyzing similar compounds.  


Column Primesep 100, 3.2x100 mm, 5 µm, 100A
Mobile Phase Gradient MeCN - 35-85%, 6 min , 4 min hold
Buffer Gradient H2SO4 - 0.05- 0.15%, 6 min, 4 min hold
Flow Rate 0.6 ml/min
Detection UV, 230 nm


Class of Compounds  Herbicide, Acid, Hydrophilic, Ionizable
Analyzing Compounds Isoproturon, Diuron, Acenaphthene, Carbendazim

Application Analytes: