CAS Number 22839-47-0
Molecular Formula C14H18N2O5
Molecular Weight 294.307 g/mol
LogP -2.7
  • Aspartame
  • Nutrasweet
  • Asp-phe-ome
  • Asp-Phe methyl ester
  • Aspartam
  • Aspartamum
  • Aspartamo
  • L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester
  • Aspartylphenylalanine methyl ester
  • Dipeptide sweetener
  • Canderel
  • Methyl aspartylphenylalanate
  • Sweet dipeptide
  • 1-Methyl N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanate
  • Aspartam [INN-French]
  • Aspartame, L,L-alpha-
  • Aspartamum [INN-Latin]
  • Aspartamo [INN-Spanish]
  • N-L-alpha-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
  • UNII-Z0H242BBR1
  • 3-Amino-N-(alpha-methoxycarbonylphenethyl) succinamic acid
  • H-Asp-Phe-OMe
  • CCRIS 5456
  • CHEBI:2877
  • 3-Amino-N-(alpha-carboxyphenethyl)succinamic acid N-methyl ester
  • SC 18862
  • HSDB 3915
  • Methyl L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine
  • EINECS 245-261-3


Bufferless Ion Separation (BLIS™) Chromatography of Aspartame: Organic Modifier Effect

An organic modifier effect of changing acetonitrile percentage the mobile phase is demonstrated on a Primesep C HPLC column in a bufferless ion (BLIS™) separation. With decreasing percent acetonitrile, the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, first deceases in retention time and then increases. The changing mobile phase composition changes the retention mechanism from hydrophobic and BLIS™interactions, to BLIS™ alone , to BLIS™ and HILIC (hydrophilic liquid chromatography) interactions. Aspartame is composed of the two amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine as the ethyl ester. Mobile phases composed of water and acetonitrile (MeCN, ACN,) and ultraviolet (UV) detection was used.

Application Analytes:


HPLC Separation of Amino Acids on Obelisc R Column

Closely related compounds like amino acids can be separated on an Obelisc R column by various buffers depending on the amount of baseline separation required. By choosing different buffers, the separation between compounds can be adjusted based on application needs, especially those that require low organic concentration in the mobile phase. UV detection at 250nm.


Column Obelisc R, 4.6x250 mm, 5 µm, 100A
Mobile Phase MeCN/H2O - 5/95%
Buffer AmFm
Flow Rate 1.0 ml/min
Detection UV, 250 nm


Class of Compounds Drug, Acid, Hydrophilic, Ionizable, Vitamin, Supplements, Amino acid
Analyzing Compounds Amino acids

Application Analytes:

3-Aminobenzoic Acid