Ibuprofen Sodium

CAS Number 31121-93-4
Molecular Formula C13H17NaO2
Molecular Weight 228.267 g/mol
LogP 2.98
  • Ibuprofen sodium
  • Sodium 2-[4-(2-methylpropyl)phenyl]propanoate
  • Benzeneacetic acid, alpha-methyl-4-(2-methylpropyl)-, sodium salt (1:1)
  • 31121-93-4
  • EINECS 250-477-6
  • p-Isobutylhydratropic acid sodium salt
  • Sodium ibuprofen


HPLC Separation of Acidic Drugs and Counter-Ions on Obelisc R Column

Mixed-mode columns allow to quantitate drugs and their counter-ions in one run. Hydrophobic acidic drug and hydrophilic inorganic counter-ions are separated and quantified on an Obelisc R HPLC trimodal column. This column can be used to quantify hydrophilic basic and hydrophilic acidic drugs, hydrophobic basic and hydrophobic acidic drugs, and corresponding organic and inorganic counter-ions. Various detection techniques can be applied to obtain reliable and robust method. Mixed-mode chromatography allows to retain ionizable compounds without ion-pairing reagent. This HPLC method can be adopted as universal and robust approach for analysis basic and acidic drugs and their counter-ions. Method is compatible with various detection techniques - ELSD, UV, CAD, and LC/MS.

Application Analytes:

Ibuprofen Sodium
Naproxen Sodium

USP Methods for the Analysis of Ibuprofen using a Legacy L1 Column
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Application Analytes:

Ibuprofen Sodium