Naphthalene-1-boronic acid

CAS Number 13922-41-3
Molecular Formula C10H9BO2
Molecular Weight 171.99 g/mol
  • 1-Naphthaleneboronic acid
  • 1-Naphthylboronic acid
  • naphthalen-1-ylboronic acid
  • Naphthalene-1-boronic acid
  • Naphthalenyl-1-boronic acid
  • 1-naphthalene boronic acid
  • 1-Naphthaleneboronicacid
  • 1-naphthyleneboronic acid
  • Boronic acid, naphthalenyl-
  • 1-Borononaphthalene
  • Naphthylboronic acid
  • 1-naphthalene boronicacid
  • Naphthalene-1-boronicacid
  • Naphthalen-1-Yl-Boranediol
  • (naphthalen-1-yl)boronic acid
  • CHEMBL415532
  • 4-(naphthalene-1-yl)boronic acid
  • naphtylboronic acid
  • napthyl boronic acid
  • naphthyl boronic acid
  • 1-naphtylboronic acid
  • 1-napthylboronic acid
  • 1-napthyl boronic acid
  • naphthalene boronic acid
  • 1-naphtaleneboronic acid
  • 1-naphthyl boronic acid
  • 1-napthaleneboronic acid
  • naphthalen-1-ylboranediol
  • 1-naphthlene boronic acid
  • 1-naphthalenylboronic acid
  • Napthalene-1-boronic acid
  • 1-naphthalene-boronic acid
  • naphthaleneboronic acid, 1-


HPLC Separation of Aromatic Boronic Acids


Boronic acid is alkyl, or aryl substituted, boric acid. Boronic acid can form complexes with sugars, amines, and amino acids. Four aromatic boronic acids were separated on a Primesep P mixed-mode reversed-phase cation-exchange column. Primesep P column also has an aromatic fragment which provides pi-pi interaction. Compounds can be monitored by UV, ELSD, CAD and LC/MS. Various mobile phases can be employed for HPLC analysis of boronic acids.

Application Analytes:

4-(1-naphthyl)phenylboronic acid
4-Chlorophenylboronic acid
Biphenyl-4-boronic acid
Naphthalene-1-boronic acid