CAS Number 14265-44-2
Molecular Formula O4P
Molecular Weight 94.971 g/mol
LogP -0.770
  • Phosphate
  • Phosphoric acid, ion(3-)
  • 14265-44-2
  • inorganic phosphate (Pi)
  • Orthophosphate
  • Orthophosphate (PO43-)
  • Orthophosphate(3-)
  • Phosphate (PO43-)
  • Phosphate anion(3-)
  • Phosphate ion (PO43-)
  • Phosphate ion(3-)
  • Phosphate trianion
  • Phosphate(3-)
  • Phosphoric acid, ion(3-)
  • o-Phosphate
  • Phosphate ions
  • NFB Orthophosphate
  • O-Phosphoric acid
  • Ortho-phosphate
  • PO4(3-)
  • Phosphate trianion
  • Phosphoric acid ion(3-)
  • Pi
  • [PO4](3-)
  • 264888-19-9


HPLC Separation of Sulfate and Phosphate Ions on Mixed-Mode HPLC

Sulfate and phosphate are separated on Primesep B2 and Primesep D column by anion-exchange mechanism. Because both sulfate and phosphate ions are not UV-active, ELSD is used to monitor separation of both anions. Method can be used to quantitate phosphate and sulfate in various pharmaceutical and chemical formulation, products and solution, drinking and ground water. Retention time is adjusted by increase or decrease of buffer concentrations. Two anions can be retained and separated on a very short column due to strong ion-exchange interaction. Method shows good reproducibility and versatility.

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HPLC Analysis of Sulfate and Phosphate Ions on Primesep Columns

Inorganic and organic ions are usually analyzed by ion-exchange mechanism. In this application, we used short Primesep B2 and Primesep D mixed-mode HPLC columns to retain and separate phosphate and sulfate ions. Both ions are retained by ion-exchange mechanism. Detection technique for analysis of these anions is Evaporative Light-Scattering Detector (ELSD).

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HPLC Separation of Citric Acid and Phosphate Ions in HILIC Chromatography

Citric acid and phosphate ion are separated by HILIC on Primesep N HILIC HPLC column. Both compounds are very hydrophilic. Citric acid and phosphate ions are well separated with excellent peak shape. Method can be used for quantitation of citrate and phosphate in various formulations. Because of the lack of UV activity, separation can be monitored by LC/MS, ELSD or Corona CAD. Method can be used for other hydrophilic organic and inorganic acids.

Application Analytes:

Citric Acid