Sulfamic Acid


CAS Number 5329-14-6
Molecular Formula H3NO3S
Molecular Weight 97.090 g/mol
LogP -4.34
  • Sulfamic acid
  • 5329-14-6
  • Imidosulfonic acid
  • Acide sulfamidique
  • acido sulfamidico
  • Alprojet W
  • Amidosulfuric acid
  • Amidosulphonic acid
  • Aminesulfonic acid
  • Aminosulfonic acid
  • Aminosulfuric acid
  • NSC 1871
  • Scale Cleen
  • Sulfamic acid Amidosulfonic acidAmidosulfuric acid
  • Sulfamidic acid
  • Sulfamidsaure
  • Sulfaminic acid
  • Sulphamic acid
  • sulphamidic acid
  • UN 2967
  • Caswell No. 809
  • EINECS 226-218-8
  • EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 078101
  • Kyselina amidosulfonova
  • Kyselina sulfaminova
  • UNII-9NFU33906Q
  • Amidoschwefelsaeure
  • Sulfamidsaeure
  • [S(NH2)O2(OH)]
  • sulphamidic acid
  • 1266250-83-2


HPLC Retention of Sulfamic Acid on Primesep SB Mixed-Mode Column

Sulfamic acid is inorganic acid which is used in various synthesis and compositions. It is used as precursor in synthesis of artificial sweeteners. Sulfamic acid (amidosulfonic acid, amidosulfuric acid, aminosulfonic acid, and sulfamidic acid) is very hydrophilic in nature and does not retain on reversed-phase columns. Acidic nature of this acid allows to retain this compound by mixed-mode mechanism. In current method sulfamic acid is retained by anion-exchange mechanism on Primesep SB mixed-mode anion-exchange column. Method employes acetonitrile and ammonium formate or formic acid. Sulfamic acid has no UV activity and needs to be detected by LC/MS, ELSD or Corona CAD. Retention time of sulfamic acid can be adjusted by the amount of buffer/acid in the mobile phase. This method can be used for analysis of organic and inorganic acids in different sample matrices.

Application Analytes:

Amidosulfonic Acid
Aminosulfonic Acid
Sulfamic Acid

HPLC Separation of Sulfamic and Sulfuric Acid on Primesep N HILIC Column

Sulfuric acid (sulfate ions) and sulfamic acid are analyzed in HILIC mode on Primesep N column. Both compounds are hydrophilic in nature and lack UV activity. Compounds are retained by hydrophilic interaction mechanism. Sulfate ion and sulfamic acid are monitored by ELSD. Method can be used for analysis of other inorganic ions.

Application Analytes:

Amidosulfonic Acid
Aminosulfonic Acid
Sulfamic Acid