UV-Vis detector for HPLC and other applications

UV-Vis Detector for HPLC

SIELC offers small UV – Vis flow through detector


Alltesta UV-Vis multi-wavelength detector design to continuously monitor optical characteristics of the flow. The typical application is HPLC, but other applications such as Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), preparative and flash chromatography also can utilize this detection device. Simple setup with USB interface for communication and cloud based monitoring and data handling software make this device unparalleled to all existing detectors.   
The USB port also provides all the power for the detector. No additional power cable is required. Selection of 4 different wavelengths allows someone to monitor several different analytes at the same time. Low volume optical cell volume (<3 µL) provides very little dispersion to even small flow rate applications. Data collection rate up to 20 sps for four channels is sufficient for most demanding applications. Low noise and more than 4 orders of magnitude linearity is standard.
Cloud based software www.HPLC.cloud for the detector operation, results storage, peak integration and quantitation is available via StreamLC



SIze:  48 x 32 x 85 mm

Weight:  170 g

Sample cell volume: < 3 µL

Cell optiсal path: 7.0 mm

Liquid ports: 10-32 UNF

Wavelength range: 250 nm and up

Simultaneous wavelengths: up to 4

Data rate: 20 sps 

Noise level: 0.05 mAU

Power: USB type B