HPLC Analysis of Piperazine on Primesep Columns


Application Notes: Piperazine is an organic hydrophilic basic compound containing two secondary amines. It is not retained on traditional reversed-phase columns without ion pairing reagent. Since piperazine is not UV active, alternative detection techniques like ELSD, CAD and LC/MS must be employed. Two fast methods of analysis on Primesep 100 and 200 columns were developed using reversed-phase cation-exchange approach. Primesep 200 column is more suitable for analysis since piperazine interacts strongly with stationary phase and since Primesep 200 columns are weaker columns. Methods can be used for analysis of piperazine and other basic hydrophilic compounds in reaction mixtures, formulations, biofluids, waste waters, etc. This Method is compatible with ELSD, CAD and LC/MS.

Application Columns: Primesep 100, Primesep 200
Application compounds: Piperazine
Detection technique: UV, LC/MS, ELSD/CAD

Application Analytes: