HPLC Separation of DOPAC, Homovanillic Acid and Dopamine on the Primesep 100 Column

  Application Notes: Neurotransmitters DOPAC, homovanillic acid and dopamine were separated by mixed-mode chromatography on Primesep 100 and Primesep 200 HPLC columns. The method can be used for quantification of neurotransmitters with LC/MS compatible conditions. The compounds are retained by combination of reversed-phase, ion-exchange or ion-exclusion mechanisms. The retention time and selectivity of separation can be adjusted by variation of amount of acetonitrile, buffer pH and buffer concentration.   Application Columns: Primesep 100, Primesep 200   Application compounds: Dopac, Homovanillic Acid, Dopamine Detection technique: UV, LC/MS, ELSD/CAD

Application Analytes:

DOPAC (Dihydroxyphenylacetic Acid)
Homovanillic Acid