Hydrazoic acid

CAS Number 7782-79-8
Molecular Formula HN3
Molecular Weight 43.029 g/mol
  • Hydrazoic acid
  • 1,2-Triazadien-2-ium-1-ide
  • 7782-79-8


Retention of Azide Ion on Obelisc N Column

Sodium azide is a salt of weak hydrazoic acid with pKa 4.5-4.7.
Sodium azide is very toxic. It is typically used as a stabilizer for aqueous solution to suppress bacteria grows.
Chromatography separation is based on weak ionic interaction of the partially ionized hydrazoic acid with positively charged column surface. Additional polar interaction is a result of high acetonitrile concentration in the mobile phase.

Application Analytes:

Azide Ion
Hydrazoic acid
Sodium azide