Alizarin Red S

CAS Number 130-22-3
Molecular Formula C14H7NaO7S
Molecular Weight 342.26 g/mol
  • Alizarin Red S
  • 130-22-3
  • Sodium alizarinesulfonate
  • sodium 3,4-dihydroxy-9,10-dioxo-9,10-dihydroanthracene-2-sulfonate
  • Mordant Red 3
  • Alizarine S
  • Acid Red Alizarine
  • Sodium alizarin-3-sulfonate
  • Alizarine Red S sodium salt
  • Alizarinsulfonate
  • Alizarin S
  • Alizarine Red A
  • Alizarine Red W
  • C.I. 58005
  • Fenakrom Red W
  • Diamond Red W
  • Alizarine Red AS
  • Alizarine Red SW
  • Alizarine Red SZ
  • Alizarine Red WA
  • Alizarine Red WS
  • Ahcoquinone Red S
  • Alizarinrot-S [German]
  • Alizarin-3-sulfonate sodium salt
  • Carnelio Rubine Lake
  • Chrome Red Alizarine
  • Oxanal Fast Red SW
  • UNII-3F3AT0Q12H
  • Ext D and C Red No. 7
  • Sodium alizarinsulfonate
  • Alizarine Red Indicator
  • Alizarine Red For Wool
  • Mitsui Alizarine Red S
  • C.I. Mordant Red 3
  • Alizarin Carmine
  • Alizarine S Extra Pure A
  • Alizarine Carmine Indicator
  • Alizarine S Extra Conc. A Export
  • Alizarin Carmine (biological stain)
  • Alizarin sulfonate sodium
  • Alizarine Red S (biological stain)
  • Sodium 3,4-dihydroxyanthraquinone-2-sulfonate
  • Calcochrome Alizarine Red SC
  • EINECS 204-981-8
  • Alizarin Red S (C.I. 58005)
  • Alizarin Red S (sodium)
  • Alizarine Carmine (Biological stain)


HPLC Separation of Alizarin and Alizarin Red S on Newcrom BH Column View on Alizarin and Alizarin Red S are both dyes with applications in locating calcium deposits in tissues. They differ in Alizarin Red S having an additional sulfonic acid group. They can be separated in HPLC using a Newcrom BH mixed-mode column using a mobile phase of methanol (MeOH) and water and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) as a buffer. UV detection at 250nm.  


Column Newcom BH, 4.6x50 mm, 5 µm, 100A
Mobile Phase MeOH/H2O - 75/25%
Buffer H2SO4 - 0.5%
Flow Rate 1.0 ml/min
Detection UV 250 nm


Class of Compounds Acid, Dyes
Analyzing Compounds Alizarin, Alizarin Red S

Application Analytes:

Alizarin Red S