Alltesta™ Analyzer


The Alltesta™ Analyzer – Mini HPLC System


SIELC’s Alltesta™ Analyzer is an inexpensive analytical system based on HPLC technology.
This mini HPLC system offers a convenient, table-top simple solution for measuring different chemicals in small and trace concentrations in different products such as milk, baby formula, pet food (cat food, dog food), pills, household formulations, etc. No difficult sample preparation is required, and no experience in chromatography and/or analytical chemistry is needed for the instrument operator. Results are produced on a tablet PC equipped with data handling and data interpretation software. No special laboratory environment with fume hoods is required for instrument installation. Typical measurement takes less than 5 minutes, and the Alltesta™ comes with a set of supplies sufficient to perform 200 analyses.

Mini size
→ No difficult sample preparation
→ Takes only a few minutes to start operating
→ No chemical experience is required for instrument user
→ User friendly, self explanatory software
→ Small foot-print, light-weight, can be used on a small table
→ Produces easy-to-understand results within 5 minutes

Library of methods are in development.

Method can be tailored toward a specific application suitable to product testing during production or use.

**Systems NOW available for sale!!**
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Here’s what’s Included

Cloud-Based Software for Chromatography

SIELC’s mini Alltesta Analyzer is able to be controlled 100% through the cloud. We have
developed a FREE (yes, 100% free) web software that allows you to run laboratory tests, control
injections, record chromatographs, integrate peaks and estimate compounds.
This software can be controlled by anyone who has an account (all purchases come with one)
and can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, via any interface.
What makes this possible is our
Stream LC. This is an HPLC & chromatography data acquisition device that streams the chromatogram to the software! Think of it as a bridge that connects your laboratory to the centralized data storage.

Check out the software here!

Find FAQ about the mini Alltesta™ Analyzer here