Alltesta™ Mini Analyzer

HPLC in your Pocket

Alltesta™ Mini is a new generation of HPLC & liquid chromatography instrumentation. Mini size and simplicity, but enough power to do most chromatography tests when automation is not a requirement.
It’s a perfect analytical tool for onsite testing, for monitoring of production operation, test products in a small business setting when the lab is not available, and as an educational tool.

If an automated injection is required down the road, the unit can be upgraded and paired with our Alltesta­™ Autosampler.

Other upgrades can include an additional pump and/or switching valve.

Key Characteristics

  • Mini size
  • Manual sample introduction
  • Isocratic mode of operation
  • Pressure up to 4000 psi
  • Columns with 3 and 2 mm id
  • Real-time chromatogram streaming
  • Up to 4 wavelength optical signal
  • Continuous pressure monitoring
  • Create and store methods
  • Keep your sample information and analysis results in the cloud
  • Build calibration from standards, then analyze and quantitate samples
  • Start, stop, and edit your analysis remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Access your instrument & data via PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Only 2 cables need – power and Ethernet


Power Requirements → 110-250 VAC
Current Requirements → 
Up to 0.5 A
Dimensions →
 12 x 6 x 25cm (4.7 x 2.4 x 10″)
Weight → 
1.5 kg
Sampling Rate →
 20 Sample per second
Noise Level → Less than 0.05mAU
Sync Time →
 Chromatogram is synced with HPLC Cloud every second
Operating Temperature →
 0 to 40° C, non-condensing

Standard AC 110-250 6100.3100 power entry connector
Four USB connectors for serial communication
Four DC output 24V, 2A each
1 CAT5 ethernet connector for communication with the