CAS Number 3416-24-8
Molecular Formula C6H13NO5
Molecular Weight 179.172 g/mol
LogP -2.34
  • Glucosamine
  • 2-Amino-2-deoxy-beta-D-glucopyranose
  • beta-D-Glucopyranose, 2-amino-2-deoxy-
  • 3416-24-8
  • 4-04-00-02017
  • D-Glucose, 2-amino-2-deoxy-
  • 2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranose
  • 2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose
  • 2-Amino-2-deoxyglucose
  • 2-Aminoglucose
  • 2-Deoxy-2-amino-D-glucose
  • 2-Deoxy-2-aminoglucose
  • Chitosamine
  • D-Glucosamine
  • Glucosamin
  • glucosamina
  • Glucosamine, D-
  • BRN 1724602
  • EINECS 222-311-2
  • Glucosaminum
  • 1261161-52-7
  • 149014-32-4
  • 2351-15-7
  • 58-87-7
  • 58267-75-7
  • 880765-44-6
  • 911653-84-4


HPLC Separation of Glucosamine from Chondroitin Sulfate

Glucosamine is an amino sugar believed to play a role in cartilage formation and repair. Chondroitin sultate gives cartilage elasticity. Primesep 500 separates glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with baseline resolution. Chondroitin sulfate is separated from chloride ion by ion exclusion and glucosamine is separated by sodium ion by ion exchange and reversed phase. The HPLC separation uses a mobile phase of water, acetonitrile (MeCN, ACN), and ammonium formate with evaporative light scattering detection (ELSD) with a column temperature of 90C.

Application Analytes:

Chondroitin Sulfate

HPLC Separation of Phenylalanine, Glucosamine, and Tryptophan on Mixed-Mode Column

The Separation of Phenylalanine, Glucosamine and Tryptophan demonstrates how the small changes to the organic and/or buffer concentrations in the mobile phase affect the retention of compounds on a mixed-mode column by hydrophobic, ion-exchange and ion-exclusion mechanisms in reverse-phase HPLC chromatography. Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) used


Column Primesep 100, 2.1x100 mm, 5 µm, 100A
Mobile Phase MeCN/H2O
Buffer AmFm
Flow Rate 0.25 ml/min
Detection ELSD


Class of Compounds Drug, Acid, Hydrophilic, Ionizable, Vitamin, Supplements, Amino acid
Analyzing Compounds Phenylalanine, Glucosamine, Tryptophan

Application Analytes:


HPLC Retention of Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is used as precursor in synthesis of glycosylated proteins and peptides. Glucosamine is also a component of several medications, example being oral glucosamine being is used to treat arthritis. It is a very polar compound with no UV activity and pKa of 11. Compound is not retained on modern HPLC columns without ion-pairing reagents. It is often required to quantitate glucosamine in complex matrices with LC/MS detection, making the use of ion-pairing reagents impossible. In this HPLC application glucosamine is retained by cation-exchange mechanism on Primesep 100 mixed-mode column. Retention of glucosamine is controlled by buffer nature, buffer concentration and buffer pH. Method can be used for fast determination of glucosamine in mixtures with proteins, sugars and sugar phosphates. ELSD and LC/MS are detection of choice for polar non-UV active compounds.

Application Analytes: