Methylphosphonic Acid

CAS Number 993-13-5
Molecular Formula CH5O3P
Molecular Weight 96.023 g/mol
LogP -1.18
  • Methyl phosphonic acid
  • Methylphosphonic acid
  • Phosphonic acid, methyl-
  • 993-13-5
  • Phosphonic acid, methyl-
  • acide methylphosphonique
  • acido metilfosfonico
  • Dihydrogen methylphosphonate
  • Methanephosphonic acid
  • methylphosphonic acid
  • Methylphosphonsaure
  • NSC 119358
  • Phosphonic acid, P-methyl-
  • EINECS 213-607-2


HPLC Separation of Methylphosphonic Acid and Related Products

Alkylphosphonic acids are decomposition byproducts of chemical warfare agents. Analysis of phosphonic acid in water is regulated by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All phosphonic acids are polar acidic compounds. Analysis for retention and separation of methylphosphonic, ethylphosphonic, ethyl methylphosphonic and isopropyl methylphosphonic acids was developed using Primesep SB reversed-phase anion-exchange column. Method is compatible with LC/MS and can be used for quantitation of phosphonic acid in water.

Application Analytes:

Ethyl Methylphosphonic Acid
Ethylphosphonic Acid
Isopropyl Methylphosphonic Acid
Methylphosphonic Acid