Lead Full-Stack Software Architect

Job Duties: Works on Cloud web service by designing and implementing a software architecture for chromatography and other scientific equipment. Performs the following: selects a technology stack; designs and configures infrastructure; selects a development toolkit (IDE, etc.); designs and implements a database design; improves and optimizes the application architecture that ensures scalability of the application and infrastructure; sets up a streamlined deployment pipeline and plans software releases. Writes programs on C, Java, and Kotlin for scientific equipment hardware. Writes server code on Java for ERP system. Writes code on Python for high load web-server and designs UI and writes code in JavaScript, HTML, and SCSS for Cloud single page web application.

Requirements: Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering and 4 years of experience in job offered or as Software Engineer or Architect. Will accept any job title if experience includes full-time programming experience with Java, Kotlin, JS, C, C++, DigitalOcean, Git, Jira, Pipelines. Must have 3 years of experience with Java or Kotlin; 3 years of client-server architecture design; and 1 year of experience with C or C++. Experience can be concurrent.

Salary: $113,630 /year

Location: Wheeling, IL

Contact: mail@sielc.com









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