HPLC Method for Analysis of 8-hydroxyquinoline

8-hydroxyquinoline HPLC analysis of 8-Hydroxyquinoline is complicated due to chelating properties of this chemical. 8-Hydroxyquinoline forms complex with many transition metal ions and as result it used often to measure amount of metal contamination on silica based columns.
Even small amount of metal ions on silica surface cause peak distortion with low peak efficiency and poor symmetry.
The same chemical can be analysed on Primesep 200 column with simple method based on acetonitrile-water mixture and phosphoric acid as ionic modifier.  High efficiency and symmetrical peak shape is obtained. For mass-spectroscopy detection (LC-MS) phosphoric acid can be substituted with ammonium format to get similar result.
Primesep 200 also offers much more retention compare to any C18 column due to ionic interaction of basic quinoline molecule with cation-exchange functional groups of the Primesep 200 stationary phase.

Application Analytes:

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