UV-Vis Detector

SIELC is Offering a Small UV-Vis Multi-wavelength Flow Through Detector

SIELC’s Alltesta™ UV-Vis Multi-wavelength detector is designed to continuously monitor optical characteristics of the flow. The typical application is HPLC, however, other applications such as Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), and preparative & flash chromatography can also utilize this device.
It offers a very simple setup with a USB interface for communication and our cloud-based monitoring and data handling software make this device unparalleled to all existing detectors.

The USB port also provides all the power needed for the detector – no additional power cable is needed. Selection of 4 different wavelengths allows someone to monitor several different analytes at the same time. Low volume optical cell volume (<3 µL) provides very little dispersion to even small flow rate applications. Data collection rate up to 20 sps for 4 channels is sufficient for most demanding applications. Low noise and more than 4 orders of magnitude linearity is standard.

Cloud based software for the detector operation, results storage, peak integration and quantitation is available via StreamLC


Size 62 x 46 x 115 mm
Weight 170g
Sample Cell Volume < 3µL
Cell Optical Path 7.0mm
Liquid Ports 10-32 UNF
Wavelength Range 250nm & up
Simultaneous Wavelengths Up to 4
Data Rate 20 sps
Noise Level 0.05 mAU
Power USB Type B

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